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Headcannons for Undertale and it's AUs:
UnderTale & UnderFell Chara narrates. I think that's a thing, narrator! Chara, while in UnderSwap is Frisk narrating things. I imagine Chara has a slight higher voice pitch than Frisk, making it a bit easier to tell that Chara's a female while Frisk has a monotonic pitch that makes it harder to tell what gender she is.
UnderSwap Chara invites everyone for tea and chocolate while UnderSwap Frisk asks for sweets and coffee.
UnderFell Chara talks in third person because she can. Frisk in the same universe flirts in puns.
UnderTale & UnderFell Chara is younger than their Frisks while UnderSwap Chara is older than her Frisk.
US Frisk can beat the crap outta you using nothing but her fists.
Although every Frisk has a monotone voice, US Frisk has the deepest one due to being "done with your shit".
UnderFell Frisk, believe it or not, curses a lot more than US Frisk.
Classic Frisk seems to talk in memes occasionally.
UnderFell Sans is a Tsundere while his brother is a kami-dere(treat me like a god, human!)
US Sans is more mature and knows what "bedroom related activities" mean. (I'm not  stupid, brother. I know what monster heat is and I'm quite sure you seem to get that when you're around Cha-)
US Papyrus is a horrible cook while US Sans is a decent one.
Chara bakes cupcakes while Frisk bakes cakes. Layered. With frosting.
Every Frisk has a sweet tooth.
Charas= booty
US Sans hugs US Frisk in the back so he won't hit her breast. US Papyrus likes to walk behind Chara for reasons.
Classic Papyrus carries Chara in a piggy back ride. Since US Frisk is taller than US Sans, he carries her bridal style. UF Papyrus carries Chara over his shoulder.

Did I mention there's a Swapfell version? Eh, nvm. It'll take too long


Sum Fluff
i am in need of fluff
so here's fluff

don't worry, i just got lazy in coloring
that's why there is no color.
So I haven't been very active in DA lately, 'cause all of the drawings I've been doodling aren't really DA material.
So I'm just gonna put my doodle blog link
I can't seem to draw well with digital right now because every time I grab the damn tablet my mind goes blank. I'd post traditional pics but my damn phone has a crap camera.
So expect some more hiatus from me.
Looks are deceiving, comedian
*Don't get fooled by looking alone.
*hearing that from a straight faced maniac is somewhat unnerving.
*Can't take your own medicine, I see.

I find it funny when a person looks, acts, and even has childish mannerisms is an adult.
Chara's obsession with tea came from Papa Asgore. Frisk is 17 and is currently drinking coffee.

I do not own the Undertale, UnderSwap or it's characters.
All works go to their respective owners.


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Florence Mae
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Eyyy.. I'm Flowie~ just kidding. It's nice to meet you, please take care of me. I'm a fragile banana.
I have mind struggles man, you know how that is.
Happy now, miserable later. All that jazz.
Also my last name ain't Mae. pointing that out now.


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